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Cellex peptides stoklarda

RxOnDeal  offers easy access to special supplements.  RxOnDeal's promise is to get your supplements to your door worry-free and as quickly as possible.  Our goal is to enable parents to focus their attention on the needs and improvement of their children's conditions.

"Leave your medicines to us, spend more time with your child..."

Rxondeal is constantly renewed in line with customer requests.

All supplements on Rxondeal  are supplied from supplement distributors or manufacturers.  Some of the invoices are listed below. 

  • Where do the products come from?
    The supplements on the site are supplied directly from manufacturers or distributors selling food supplements in the USA. You can find images of some of the invoices above.
  • In how many days will my order arrive?
    Orders placed on our website will arrive at your address within 3-4 business days.
  • Can I pay by any other method other than credit card ?
    You can only shop on our site with a credit card. Debit card or salary card is not a valid payment method.
  • Aldığim ürünler için ödemeyi kapıda yapabilirmiyim?
    Kapıda ödeme yapılamamaktadır.
  • How can I track the cargo?
    Information about your cargo will be sent to you via e-mail.
  • Who can I contact when I have a question?
    You can always reach us via chat (live support line) on our site or via email to our instagram account @rxondeal (Turkish-English).
  • What should I do if the credit card gives red message ?
    Contact your bank. If your card is rejected 3 times in a row, you have to try again after 24 hours. The site will not allow the use of the card for security reasons.
  • Are there any customs fees or any other costs?
    There is no other payment other than the one you will pay on the site.
  • Özel siparişle ürün getirebiliyormusunuz?
    Maalesef özel siparişle ürün getirilmemektedir
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